1700 Euro early bird till 31 July

1800 Euro from  1Agust

1900 Euro till 20 January 2020 for the 4 installments.

Fee included 1 year registration of IKYTA membership, training books and professional translation from English to Turkish.

Not included accommodation and transfers.

For the registration 300 Euro depozit has to pay

Zuhal Özyurt / T.C Is Bankası Teşvikiye
Iban : TR 08 0006 4000 0021 0740 6063 06


The registration is valid after deposit of _ 300 euro _,which are part of the course fee.

If the contract is withdrawn up to 60 days beforethe beginning of the training, 70% of the course fee will be refunded after deduction of the deposit of _300 euro_.

Up to 30 days beforethe beginning of the training, 30% of the course fee will be refunded after deduction of the deposit of _300 euro_. 

After that the participant has no right to a refund.

A withdrawal from the contract must be notified in writing.

Please contact for the registration Zuhal Ozyurt,

Cell Phone : +90 531 712 70 13

Coure Location : Kerpiçevleri Fethiye

Adress : Yanıklar Mahallesi Mezar Gediği Sokak No. 64 Fethiye / Mugla / TURKEY

Arrivial :The course begin 23rdOctober at 17.00 pm with orientation.

It takes about 30 – 45 min to get from the Dalaman Airport to the course in Yanıklar Köyü, so please schedule a flight that arrives before 12.00 pm. Be sure to arrive in Yanıklar Köyü – Kerpiçevler by 14.00 pm allowing yourself to time to register, go to your residence and get ready for the start of the course. Orientation will start at 17.00 pm.

Please bring the following information with your to registration

  • Your passport with photo identification.
  • Your cell phone number

How to get Kerpic Evleri : There are couple of transportations options to course venue. Please contact for future information Zuhal Ozyurt + 90 531 712 70 13

Fligth Ticket’s :Please book your fly ticket to MUGLA / DALAMAN – DLM

Departure : The training program ends with dinner end of the course day on 30 Oct, at 17.00 pm.

If you have your own transportation, you can leave after 17.00 pm. Otherwise, you leave day after, after the breakfast.

If flying, plan your departure to allow at least 2 hours for transportation to the Dalaman airport (DLM) in addition to the amount of time to you must arrive prior to your flight as specified by your airline.

Accommodation : Sharing with 3 or 4 people room, 3 times meals for one person 125 Turkish Lira

The course will provide to stay for  2 people sharing rooms depending on amount of registrations.

Payment for Accommodation and meal : Please sent min 3 days or full of the accommodation payment to

İs Bankası, Fethiye Subesi, Burcu ERKAN

IBAN No:  TR 8100 0640 0000 1362 11158422

Or contact for future assist Zuhal Ozyurt +90 531 712 70 13

Arrive and Registration : Hotel entering will be start at 14.00 pm

19rdOctober / 14th March  / 14th April

The course orientation begins at 17.00 pm.

Departure : The training program will end at 17.00 pm. You might leave day after, after the breakfast

26rdOctober / 21nd December / 21th March


Course Fee and Location

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